Sunday, April 13, 2014

World Formula vs KT100 Superbox; Close Racing in a Combined 2 Stroke and 4 Stroke Class

Check out this race between World Formula and KT100 Superbox (4 hole can) karts. Both karts are run at the same minimum weight. The two different engine packages appear to race well together, with the World Formula kart looking strong. A lot seems to depend on driver and setup. Combining these two classes is an excellent way to promote inclusivity in kart racing and also to increase kart counts. With the number of Superbox KT100 engines and karts floating around on classified sites and in the back of peoples garages and storage units, a combined class at an achievable weight provides a great place to enjoy the sport of kart racing in an affordable and accessible fashion!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Formula 100 Karting Series Round #1 is March 22nd at Grange! Large Turnout Expected!

Round #1 of the 2014 Formula 100 Karting Series is closing in fast! On March 22nd, 2014, The Formula 100 Karting Series takes to the track at Grange Motor Circuit. The beautiful high desert racing facility has been home to many memorable F100 events through the years, and it is the perfect place to open the 2014 season.

Race day schedule, pre-entry form, class structure, and series rules are available on

F100 would especially like to invite racers aged 8 to 15 to race in the Cadet and Junior 100cc classes. F100 has point’s classes for HPV/KPV1 and HPV/KPV2 as well equivalent KT100 engine packages. F100 also has well populated classes for Comer 80 racers.
F100 looks forward to a great turnout for Round #1! The amount of interest, emails and web traffic during the offseason has been truly outstanding, and F100 looks forward to seeing many new racers as well as familiar faces for another exciting day of F100 kart racing!

For more information, please visit

Monday, March 3, 2014

KartRacerTv Feature: The Formula 100 Karting Series

With 2014 Round #1 fast approaching, The Fast 100 Karting Blog would like to look more in depth at The Formula 100 Karting Series by re-featuring this excellent promotional video by KartRacerTV.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

F100 Adds Pre-Entry Form to Increase Efficiency and Maximize Track Time for Racers!

The Formula 100 Karting Series is excited to announce the addition of a simple, online and free pre-entry form for our racers. The pre-entry form is designed to provide racers a way to save time on race day. Instead of filling out a form and waiting in line, racers will now be able to fill in their information online, before the event, and have their entry items waiting for them to pick up on race day. Simply fill out the form, head to the track, check in at the registration office upon arrival, pay for your items, and you are all set! Its that easy!

The pre-entry form is not binding, and no payments are taken online before race day, so its a win-win for racers. Racers can claim their spot without any repercussions if something were to come up and they are not able to make the event. F100 does ask that racers not abuse this privilege, and to please follow through on your attendance choices. The F100 pre-entry form is designed for the benefit of our racers, to maximize their track time.

F100 pre-entry opens approximately 4 weeks before the event, and runs until the Wednesday prior to the event. You can find the F100 pre-entry form at the following link:

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Exciting New Kart Shop in Southern California, Motorsport Development Group Karting!

The Fast 100 Karting Blog would like to give a big welcome to Motorsport Development Group Karting. MDG Karting has just recently opened its doors for business. The shop is run by longtime professional racing driver Stu Hayner, along with his sons, James and Kyle, and several kart racing friends. The shop and store are housed on the corner of Glassel and Taft in the city of Orange, California. MDG's address is as follows:

MDG Karting
1657 N Glassell Ave
Orange, Ca 92867

MDG Karting will focus on selling quality new and used karts, parts, apparel and merchandise with the best and most helpful service at reasonable prices. MDG is an authorized dealer for Birel, IKart and Vemme brands, and strives to make karting affordable and accessible for racers of all budgets. Whether you are brand new to karting or a seasoned racer, looking to buy a race ready kart, an engine, or a new chain, MDG is the place to go!

Go visit MDG Karting this week to see the all new 2014 Birel S6 and the American made iKart Indy, with it's cutting edge technology and innovations.

MDG is a huge supporter of The Formula 100 Karting Series, a Southern California based 100cc specific kart racing series that strives to provide a fast, fun, competitive and affordable racing experience for drivers of all ages and skill levels. The Fast 100 Karting Blog wishes MDG Karting all the best!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014 Countdown Ticker; Please Join and Let the World Know You Race with F100 has been kind enough to provide F100 with an excellent countdown ticker for the 2014 season. The countdown ticker shows the date and location of the next F100 event, as well as the number of days until the event. F100 kindly asks that all F100 racers join and update your attendance so that other users of may see the number of F100 competitors planning to attend the event. By joining and updating your racing attendance, you will help to persuade more racers to come out and enjoy a day of F100 racing! More racers means more fun and competition on track for everyone! So please, help out F100, yourself and your fellow racers, and join and update your attendance for all 2014 F100 events. Registration is quick and easy!

See the following link for the F100 page on The button to register is located at the top of the page:

Sunday, February 2, 2014

F100 is Excited for the Green Flag to Drop on 2014: A Preview of 2014 Enhancements!

2013 was a huge year for F100, and 2014 promises even more growth, more racers, and more excitement! F100 is so excited for the green flag to drop on 2014, and as part of this excitement, F100 would like to lay down a list of new features for the upcoming season. Thank you to all of our racers who participated in our racer survey, and/or have shared their opinion via email and telephone. Your input is invaluable, and while we may not always be able to implement every suggestion, we certainly do listen and consider everything that we hear. With this in mind, here are the things that F100 has done to make 2014 version of The Formula 100 Karting Series even better:

More staff - track marshall, grid steward, flagman
Video production - KartRacerTV will be on hand at Round #1 to provide video coverage of the event
More racing - F100 has adopted a new race structure that combines the best elements of pea pick with the best elements of qualifying
Better race dates - the F100 schedule avoids conflict with most local and national racing events as well as major holidays
More transponders - F100 has secured the use of more transponders for our racers Countdown Ticker - The countdown ticker, placed on the home page, counts down the days to the next F100 event
Pre-Entry - F100 is now offering pre-entry via a simple online form to help increase the efficiency of the registration process
Live Timing - F100, working with Race Monitor, is set to provide live timing for the 2014 season. More details need to be ironed out, and more information will be released soon
New online store - purchase your F100 Membership or F100 swag before you get to the track

And much more...!

F100 started in 2012 as a group of friends who just wanted to race, and in only a few short years the original ideas of F100 have catapulted it into one of the fastest growing racing series anywhere! Thank you to all of our loyal racers for their continued support! We look forward to seeing you at Grange on March 22nd for the opening round of 2014! Be there when the green flag flies!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014