Sunday, August 3, 2014

F100 Round #5 is August 23rd at Apex! Pre-Entry NOW OPEN!

After a successful and exciting 4th round of action, F100 is excited for Round #5 to commence! On Saturday afternoon, August 23rd at Apex Kart Track in Perris, CA, F100 will hit the tarmac for another exciting round of F100 action! With the points battle heating up in all classes, and a big turnout of fast racers expected, F100 Round #5 promises to be one of the best rounds of F100 action to date! Racing under the lights, F100 will open the gates at 12pm, and will run the track in configuration #2.

Motorsportreg Pre-Entry is NOW OPEN! See the link below:

Please see the following links for more information:


Track configuration:

Race Day Schedule:

Spec pump gas station list:

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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

F100 2014 Round #4 is July 26th at Adams Motorsports Park; NIGHT RACING!

The Formula 100 Karting Series will head to the world famous Adams Motorsports Park in Riverside, CA on July 26th, 2014 for Round #4 of their 2014 season! Racing under the lights, the first night race of the season, F100 will run the full track, including the mini-monza, busstop and full s’s, in what promises to be an epic afternoon and evening of nose to tail 100cc racing! F100 has seen record numbers at each of its first 3 events in 2014, and all classes are sure to be full of eager racers ready to do battle at the world famous Adams racetrack!

F100 Motorsportreg Pre-Entry is now open! Please see the following link:

F100 is designed to provide a fun, competitive and cost-effective racing environment for drivers of all ages, budgets and skill levels, and we invite you to be apart of the action!

F100 has classes for ages 8 and up, included Cadet, Junior, Senior and Masters classes. F100 utilizes readily available and affordable 100cc engine packages such as the KT100 and HPV/KPV. Dust off your 100cc engine, and come experience 100cc pack racing, under the lights at one of the most famous kart tracks in the US!

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Friday, July 4, 2014

F100 Round #4 Information; F100 Motorsportreg Round #4 Pre-Entry is NOW OPEN!

F100 Round #4 is coming! On July 26th, 2014, F100 will take to the track at the world famous Adams Motorsports Park for another exciting afternoon of 100cc racing! F100 will race under the lights, the first night race of the season, and will run the track in the forwards direction, configuration 1.

F100 Motorsportreg Pre-Entry is NOW OPEN! Please see the following link to pre-enter and pre-pay for the event so that you can skip the registration line on race day!

See you at the track,


Tuesday, June 3, 2014

F100 Round #3 is Less Than 2 Weeks Away! Be there!

In less than 2 weeks time, F100 takes to the track at Grange Motor Circuit for Round #3 of the 2014 season! After two exciting and hotly contested rounds of action, the points championships are still wide open in all classes, with many fast racers vying for their chance at a 2014 season championship! 

With 5 rounds remaining and only the top 5 point scores being counted towards the season points championship, F100 Round #3 is the last chance for new racers to jump into the point fights while still being able to tally the maximum number of points scores. Don't miss your chance at a 2014 F100 season points championship, come and race at F100 Round #3! 

With an excellent turnout expected, F100 Round #3 promises to provide high octane racing excitement for racers and fans alike!

The track will be run in the CW (downhill) configuration for Round #3.

F100 will be joined by the Socal Shifter Kart Series for Round #3.

Please note the spec pump gas station for this event:
Grange- 76 station at 16881 Stoddard Wells Road, Victorville, CA 92394

Pre-enter at the following link:

The race day schedule is available at the following link:

Directions to the track are available at the following link:

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

F100 Round #2 Is Closing In, Saturday, May 17th at Apex! Pre-Registration Closes Wednesday, May 14th at Midnight

F100 Round #2 is THIS SATURDAY, May 17th at Apex Kart Track in Perris, CA! Don't miss it! Pre-registration closes tonight (wednesday) at midnight. Pre-registration is optional, and registration will be available at the track on race day.


For those planning to run pump gas, please review the spec station for Apex Kart Track:

For more info, including the race day schedule and directions to the track, head to

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

F100 Round #2 is May 17th at Apex!

F100 Round #2 is coming! On May 17th, 2014, F100 will take to the track at Apex Kart Track in Perris, CA. After an excellent opening round of 2014, the F100 season is just starting to heat up. F100 expects an excellent turnout of racers, even greater than the record setting turnout at Round #1, which means deep fields and exciting wheel to wheel racing action in all classes!

Pre-registration is now open. Please see the following link:

The race day schedule is available at the following link:

Directions to the track are available at the following link:

More information about F100 and Round #2 is available 24/7 on

If you have questions, send us an email,

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Pre-Entry Now Open for F100 Round #2!

After a very successful first round of action to kick of the 2014 season, The Formula 100 Karting Series is excited for Round #2 at Apex Kart Track in Perris, CA. Another excellent turnout of racers is expected in all classes, as a swarm of 100cc racers will descend on the inland racing facility for what is sure to be action packed, nose to tail racing excitement. The action happens May 17th, 2014. Pre-Entry is now open for Round #2! Be there!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

World Formula vs KT100 Superbox; Close Racing in a Combined 2 Stroke and 4 Stroke Class

Check out this race between World Formula and KT100 Superbox (4 hole can) karts. Both karts are run at the same minimum weight. The two different engine packages appear to race well together, with the World Formula kart looking strong. A lot seems to depend on driver and setup. Combining these two classes is an excellent way to promote inclusivity in kart racing and also to increase kart counts. With the number of Superbox KT100 engines and karts floating around on classified sites and in the back of peoples garages and storage units, a combined class at an achievable weight provides a great place to enjoy the sport of kart racing in an affordable and accessible fashion!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Formula 100 Karting Series Round #1 is March 22nd at Grange! Large Turnout Expected!

Round #1 of the 2014 Formula 100 Karting Series is closing in fast! On March 22nd, 2014, The Formula 100 Karting Series takes to the track at Grange Motor Circuit. The beautiful high desert racing facility has been home to many memorable F100 events through the years, and it is the perfect place to open the 2014 season.

Race day schedule, pre-entry form, class structure, and series rules are available on

F100 would especially like to invite racers aged 8 to 15 to race in the Cadet and Junior 100cc classes. F100 has point’s classes for HPV/KPV1 and HPV/KPV2 as well equivalent KT100 engine packages. F100 also has well populated classes for Comer 80 racers.
F100 looks forward to a great turnout for Round #1! The amount of interest, emails and web traffic during the offseason has been truly outstanding, and F100 looks forward to seeing many new racers as well as familiar faces for another exciting day of F100 kart racing!

For more information, please visit